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NYC Mistress - German Goddess of New York: Leona Stern

German Perfection Mistress in New York

It is obvious that you must  portray an air of strength and dominance in  your day to day life, but secretly you long to submit to a loving female  authority. The perfect Teutonic Goddess.  Fantasies of being  a beautiful woman’s  plaything fill your daydreams, yet you  have no outlet and that is why you find yourself reading this invitation to  enter a world where your fantasies meet My reality.

I am the ultimate Alpha Female

Surrender, so that I may take control of your journey into submission and I will help you explore your fantasies, push your boundaries, and  re-define your very perception of submission. I am an experienced, well rounded lady, who is as comfortable in the  dungeon as I am at the opera. I am not an actress, I am a lifestyle Domme. This is not what "I do", this is  who I am.

Looking for Long Term Pet

More than one admirer has remarked upon the mind-altering nature of a first contact with German Mistress in New York. However, I find that relationships are most satisfying with My long-term pets. This is because the psychological  dynamics between Mistress and her beta become quite complex. Over time, I will get to know and test your limits, just as you will learn what most pleases the German Goddess. Obviously this will be most intense for subjects who are able to serve the German Mistress in NYC. 

There is no doubt that you would enjoy serving, and surrendering to a woman like Me. Now is the time for you to be truly useful to this German Mistress. you have met  your match, the One who is truly worthy of your submission,  of your total  Surrender. 

Meet your new Mistress

Rest assures that I am much better looking in person than I am in My photographs. This is mostly due to the fact that I crop or distort My face in order to remain anonymous.  Like you, I have an active life across business and leisure. Physically, I am 168cm and and usually weigh between 110-125lbs. My measurements are 34DD-27-38. My feet are a perfect size 8.  

Growing up in the Homeland of BDSM and kink I was exposed to this lifestyle early on. Toying with men has always been an important, nonetheless hidden aspect of My life. When I arrived in NYC as a young spring chicken in 2006, seeking out a domestic servant on Craigslist was My first attempt to meet someone  locally.  

Within weeks of these comically unsuccessful attempts to connect with someone like minded, I was hitting up the local fetish clubs and parties. I was very young and naive, but I did have fun! Soon I would scout out My first NYC errand boy. He regularly cleaned for Me and, My roommates, when he did a good job I would allow him to worship My feet.

Since then there are certainly many entertaining stories I *could* share of My first decade as a Manhattan Mistress. Frankly, I have enough material to fill the pages of a book. But these anecdotes remain private.  All these special  experiences are sacred to Me. I honor the secrets I have been entrusted with.

FemDomme Galore

New York Mistress Stockings worship Goddess spoiled German Superior alpha woman foot worship nyc

My main Mistress in New York blog has much more information and writing about My time as a Dominatrix in New York. To find out more about the German Mistress in Manhattan you may click on the photograph above. 

Privacy and Discretion

Masked Mistress discreet session remain anonymous at all times with elite Dominatrix in NYC New York

I can not emphasize the importance of  anonymity enough. This is My number one priority. I never whip and tell, and I ask you to kindly return the favor. Forbidden fantasies are best enjoyed in private. 

your friendly Upper East Side Dominatrix

Contact Me

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German Mistress Leona Stern

Upper East Side / Midtown Manhattan

(914) 752 - 5524



By Appointment

This is a passion and not a job for Me, therefore I  do not keep regular Office Hours. I believe that real lady does not sit around, like a puppy dog, and wait for  submissives to arrive