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NYC Mistress - German Goddess of New York: Leona Stern

Alpha Female - your new Mistress in New York

First Encounter

coffee meeting in new york public dominatrix encounter special relationship with lifestyle mistress

Meeting over a cup of coffee is possible with a small tribute. Once W/we have established if there is chemistry, we can go from here. 

It is easiest for Me to recognize you if you bring Me Yellow flowers. 


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It is important that you read as much about Me as possible. Getting to know My preferences will allow you to become a more useful possession of Mistress. Read as much as you can about Me on My Blog   

Worship Me

alpha female in Manhattan ready to travel train sub slaves  fetishist colorfull party subglasses

Meet your new Mistress in New York: As a true Alpha Female I enjoy causal play,  I like to let things evolve naturally. Mistress is always in control. you may visit Mistress in Manhattan and see for yourself. 

Happy Domme


I love being worshiped and admired. I am most satisfied when a man shaped piece of human flesh gives itself to Mistress in New York to do with however I please. . .when someone devotes their energy to making themselves useful and give Me pleasure. . . 

Ongoing Arrangement

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There are many things I enjoy, such as humiliation, power exchange, CFNM, puppy play, dress up, forced femme, smothering, Bondage, etc. However the most important aspects to serve Mistress in New York are Chemistry and a sincere desire for an ongoing relationship. 

Learn More

Go  to My blog to determine compatibility and to learn more about My desires . . .